What Is A Reasonable Cost For A Swimming Pool Opening?

This morning, I went to bid on a pool opening.   It was a relatively large rectangle vinyl liner pool.  I met the homeowner who informed me that they had never owned a pool before. Also, the safety cover was in the pool when they purchased the home more than five months ago.   When…

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Chlorine Tablets Vs. Liquid Chlorine

Another pool season is here.   If you spent too much last summer fighting algae in your pool, then you might want to consider other options this season.  One of those options is a salt water system.   Depending on the size of your swimming pool, this system will cost between $1,000-$2,000.   This includes…

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What Pool Maintenance Companies Offer Service in Milton, GA?

The purpose of this post is to provide the consumer with a short listing of some of the companies that provide pool service to the Milton, GA area.  If you are a Milton, GA pool owner, you have many options for companies that do pool service. Now one that you need to consider is that…

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